Piano Lessons Melbourne

Top Acts School of Piano is open to students of all ages, and of all levels of experience. Whether you’re an experienced musician looking to brush up on your skills, or undertaking piano for the first time, Top Acts provides the perfect learning environment. Enquire today to find out more.

Lessons are conducted in our private studio with beautiful views of the dandenong ranges. Students are given the opportunity to have their lesson on keyboard, digital piano or yamaha grand piano. Teachers will discuss with the students which musical direction they would like to take, be it classical, contemporary or jazz and improvisation. Lessons are then tailored to learning ability and personal musical interest. Students are encouraged to undertake exams, however those seeking to learn for pure enjoyment are also welcomed.

Adult students are welcome, music isn’t just for the children, learning a skill such as the piano is for anyone at any age. Our piano lessons cater for students of all ages at all levels of ability. I have had so many coneversations with adults who comment that they learnt piano as a child and quit for one reason or another but almost all of them indicate that they wish they could take it back up and try again. There is no time like the present to start learning the paino or rekindle your past delight in learning. At Top Acts School of Piano our teachers will have you reading music and composing your own songs within the first lessons.

Dean Moore is an experienced musician and teacher, specializing in Jazz and Classical piano. Dean has been teaching piano for 20 years. His results and rapport with students is highly regarded and he has had great success with students ranging from 4-65 yo. Many of Dean’s students continue with their musical studies through VCE and tertiary levels.

Learning a musical instrument is FUN and children who begin learning from an early age develop many useful skills. These include, improved concentration, discipline, hand eye coordination, patience, perseverance, and self confidence.

Please feel free to call Dean directly with any queries regarding lessons and to book a place for 2011.

Dean Moore: 0434 647 847