Piano Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

Ive never learnt any instrument, will piano be too hard for me to start with?

Learning the piano is a great way to begin your musical journey. The piano keyboard is laid out in a very visual and easy to understand design and students can begin making music immediately.  Sound can be produced with a basic technique and the simple pressing of the piano keys. Most other instruments require 2 actions to create one sound. Beginning on the piano, lessons are individually tailored allowing a student to learn in a direction and at a speed which suits their learning needs.

I'm over 40, surely im too old to learn?

Age is definitely not a limiting factor when considering taking on the piano. While many students begin their musical journey at an early age (4 or 5), you can begin learning the piano at any age. My current students range in age from 4 – 74. Many students beginning their first lessons after the age of 50.

Do I need to own a piano to take lessons?

Owning a piano is not essential in the early stages as they can be expensive for even a moderate second hand instrument. Its possible to start with only a 5 octave keyboard (approx. $250) to see if a student is interested in taking lessons.

An even better option if possible is a full size (88 key) digital piano with a weighted key action to give a similar feel to a real piano without the costly outlay. These can range from $750 for the Yamaha P45 for example up to the very stylish Yamaha CLP range which can start around the $1800 mark.

How many hours a week of practice outside of lessons would you expect me to undertake?

Students can begin with as little as 20 minutes per day in the beginning. Lessons and practice requirements are designed around each student’s individual needs so the amount of practice is flexible. Students will obviously benefit greatly from a consistent practise routine and this can help young students to develop a strong sense of commitment and perseverance. 

I used to take lessons as a child but have not played for many years, can your lessons cater for where I might be at?

Absolutely! No matter whether you dabbled with it while at primary school 20 years ago or maybe you’ve had years of playing experience and are looking for a new direction, lessons are designed to suit the individual interests and needs of each student. Lessons are conducted in a very relaxed, fun and friendly way without judgment or unreasonable expectations to help students achieve their full potential, at their own pace.

I am interstate, do you offer remote learning?

Online lessons are available for students from interstate, internationally or simply the other side of Melbourne who find it too far to get to Upwey. Current students engage in Facetime lessons from as far away as Tasmania, Queensland and even the UK.

Online lessons also prove helpful if a student is unable to attend the odd weekly lesson in person. These can be undertaken with a laptop computer, ipad or even iphone. (Apple or Samsung)

What is the minimum amount of time I should give lessons before deciding if it is for me?

I would recommend 5-10 lessons to gauge what’s involved when taking on an instrument such as the piano.

Can you help me with my VCE examinations?

I have over 20 years of experience in preparing students for every aspect of VCE music. This includes exam preparation in Solo performance of Contemporary Piano, Classical Piano, Electric Bass and Contemporary Guitar. Group performance programs and ensemble playing are also catered for. Students may also require help with Aural development, general VCE theory and the Analysis aspects of both year 11 and 12 music.